• Michelle C.
    Zaya was so easy to talk to about the apartment. She had the paperwork ready right away for me to fill out and sign. Trying to find an apartment can be very stressful but Zaya made the experience really lovely. I had questions about "pro rate" and she answered very clearly and concisely. I highly recommend her!
  • Christine K.
    Zaya came highly recommended and after my experience, I will only call on her for my leasing needs. Zaya is very knowledgeable and her approach to real estate feels modern and streamlined. She takes the time to match the right tenant to the right property, all with grace and patience.
  • Charles C..
    Zaya was very kind and helpful throughout the application process for renting an apartment. I was unfamiliar of the rental requirements in the neighborhood and was initially hesitant on having my credit score affected by a hard pull just for a rental, but Zaya was transparent and patient in notifying me on each status of the application. I am happy it worked out in the end and fortunate to secure the rental. Zaya was also helpful in sharing the photos that she took of the apartment and providing the tour of the apartment. Thank you, Zaya.
  • Tpollacia.
    Zaya was very quick to get us moved in to our new apartment. She facilitated the process of paperwork and communication with the apartment owner, making the closing a very simple and stressless experience.
  • Fototeka.
    I had a wonderful experience working with Zaya!!! Zaya is totally professional, knowledgeable and helpful. She found the perfect tenants for me with ease and grace, I would highly recommend her.
  • Grace B.
    I found Zaya through one of her rental listings in Eaglerock. She was consistently quick to follow up the auto emails/texts to answer my questions and get my application info into the owner of the unit I was interested in. I can see how some folks could find her to be curt, but my experience with her was pleasantly streamlined and professional. You could even handle pretty much all of the paperwork online which was incredibly convenient. I would happily work with her again in renting another unit (though to be honest, I found my dream apartment and hopefully won't be moving for a while!)
  • Kiyo S.
    We were very stressed out because of landlord requirements in Los Angeles and felt like we may never get an apartment. Zaya was super responsive and made securing an apartment so easy! We truly lucked out and love our new place.
  • John A.
    Zaya was wonderful in helping us find a 4 bedroom in Palms. She responded to emails quickly and provided support throughout the move in process. She made sure that my roommates and I were set up with the landlord within the first day. I know that I can still reach out if I need help with anything at all.
  • Christie P.
    Zaya was the realtor of the apartment that I ended up renting. She was very informative, quick to respond, and very much took personal interest in seeing the process from start to finish. Truly a joy to work with, especially throughout something as stressful as apartment hunting! She even continued to help me and point me in the right directions after I had signed the lease. I highly recommend Zaya; she is amazing at what she does, and I am very thankful for her
  • Tenant.
    Zaya was one of the best realtors we have ever worked with. She was very communicative, prompt, and always had us in her best interest. We would highly recommend working with her!
  • Nina L.
    Zaya is the best. I typically don't enjoy working with real estate agents at ALL for several reasons, but she made the process so seamless and easy with an impressive degree of professionalism without losing the/her kind, caring human element. Would work with her again in a heartbeat and encourage anyone else to too.
  • Randy L.
    Moving across the country, I was stressing to find a spot in a limited window of time. Upon engaging with Zaya, my worries were put to ease. I was able to find a clean, spacious unit for an amazing price and give my highest compliments to her real estate services and professionalism throughout this process.
  • Clay V.
    A perfect experience! Zaya guided us through the process of getting in to an apartment managed by a very particular (in a good way) landlord, and now we end our days in an apartment and neighborhood that genuinely feels like home.
  • Zach G.
    My partner and I consulted Zaya in our move from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Transitioning from one city to another is not a simple task, and Zaya helped make the whole thing seamless. She was helpful and patient when I had to reschedule a second showing due to food poisoning, and she effectively navigated the initial communication between myself and the landlord as we spun up the lease and stepped through all of the details. She facilitated the move in and the walk-through expertly, and was a fair advocate of both the landlord and myself as a future tenant, I would recommend Zaya's services to anyone.
  • Pat D.
    Zaya is incredibly knowledgeable and trustworthy in her business. Easily the best agent I’ve worked with. Promptly answered all my questions. As a bonus, she’s very kind and easy to work with
  • Tom M.
    Zaya was fantastic. I made the move out to SoCal from the Midwest, and she made the process of getting an apartment so much smoother than I thought it would be. I was concerned finding a place to live before starting school would be a hassle, but she works in a efficient, quick, and timely manner, and made me and my roommate a priority. We were able to find a suitable place and get the process going within hours, and finished the process within a week. She also did a great job making sure all of our bases were covered, so we didn’t run into any unforeseen problems. I would highly recommend her.
  • Diana.
    Thank you Zaya for a wonderful journey. You have been so gracious and helpful from the beginning. I like working with you and will so again in the future.
  • JAE W.
    Zaya has awesome listings and she is an absolute pleasure to work with. Super professional, quick with responses and is the perfect liason between potential tenant and landlord. I hope to stay at my new residence for a few years but if I need to move, I will first check listings through Zaya. Do not skip out on Zaya!!!!! Zaya, thanks again for helping me. We are extremely happy with our new place.
  • Ian K.
    It was a pleasure and joy to work with Zaya through our process on renting a property in Monrovia. I credit her for making our move very smooth and less stressful. Communication was never an issue with Zaya, as she was very responsive to our needs, and thorough in her explanations and answers. When we got to the place, she made sure to take photos of any concerns that we had, so that she can effectively communicate them to the owners. You can tell she does her best to make sure that the tenant and owner are at ease with the whole renting process. My wife and I can't say enough good things about Zaya. We are thankful for her care and concern for us through this whole process and we would recommend anyone to her.
  • Jessica R.
    Zaya is incredible, she helped me find my dream apt in LA. Super professional, communicative, organized and efficient, I'm so thankful Zaya helped me!
  • Katie S.
    Zaya was so amazing and helped us land our dream apartment! She answered all of our questions, kept us up to date with information, was communicative, helpful and all around lovely to work with! We can't recommend working with her more highly!
  • Marlo W.
    Zaya helped guide my rental application process in Echo Park. She was very responsive and patient throughout, answering all of my questions and addressing my concerns. I definitely felt like she was an advocate for me, both as messenger between the property owner and myself, as well as making sure the property was thoroughly inspected and detailed on moving day, and it was nice to feel supported through what is normally a very stressful undertaking. Plus, Zaya is just a really lovely person!
  • Britt.
    My girlfriend and I had a fantastic experience with Zaya. She was warm, friendly, and and extremely helpful throughout the rental process. Zaya was always highly responsive and answered our questions quickly. She was a great liaison between ourselves and our future and now current tenants, and has since followed up with us. I highly recommend Zaya as a rental agent.
  • Casey K.
    Zaya helped us lease an apartment in Eagle Rock. She showed it and helped us through the process with the landlord. She was professional and on point the entire time--utmost responsiveness and really friendly. Would recommend her to anyone looking for a place in the Los Angeles area.
  • Laura L.
    I met Zaya when my family was searching for a rental home in Santa Monica. Coming from across the country, I needed to quickly view different places and find a home that would a good fit for my family. Zaya showed us one of her listings, which wound up being the perfect fit! She was very warm and kind, and worked well with our Relocation Agent to keep the process moving along.
  • Adam J.
    Zaya was fantastic, very professional and helpful. We had signed the lease and moving into our new home within days! Zaya minimised the stress that comes with moving and was very understanding. I would definitely recommend Zaya.
  • Bharath S.
    Zaya was amazing! Extremely professional from start to finish. I was starting to lose hope in ever finding a place I liked in this city when I came across her post on Craigslist for an apartment. It led me to her website, where I was able to see: 1) Tons of pictures 2) All the relevant information I needed Seriously, all apartment rental sites should follow her lead in terms of design and ease of use. From there, I quickly contacted her and despite my hectic travel schedule, she helped coordinate a time where I could see the place. Within 5 days, I had signed the lease, paid the deposit, and received the keys. It was that simple! She was EXTREMELY attentive and responsive throughout the whole process and I would wholeheartedly recommend any buyer (or seller!) to go through Zaya!
  • Ali M.
    Talk about dissolving the stress of apartment hunting! I'm so thankful I found Zaya's listing and listened to all the yelp reviews, because this woman is fabulous! She's a true professional. 5 stars alone for communication. I appreciate that her website is well-maintained, and already had 2 dozen photos of the apartment itself, so I already had a good idea of what to expect when I first toured. She was knowledgeable on everything I had questions about, and anything she didn't know on the spot, she asked the owner, all while keeping me in the loop about everything. Communication and transparency are some of the hardest things to come by when apartment hunting, so I feel lucky to have found an agent as excellent as Zaya! She made the process so easy and painless, and fast too! First tour of apt on a Tuesday, signed lease by Friday. I highly recommend her services! Thank you, Zaya!
  • Andrea C.
    Absolutely amazing experience working with Zaya- she is extremely professional, helped with the entire rental process from beginning to end and is just genuinely a pleasure to work with! Can't say enough good things- if you are looking to move, highly recommend- made the process super easy and fun, thank you Zaya!!!
  • Elena S.
    Zaya was amazing to work with! Professional, thorough, and the sweetest personality. I would give 10 stars if I could! Highly recommend.
  • Kate H.
    Loved working with Zaya! She was super helpful in getting me my dream apartment, in spite of my filling out the application with the wrong information :p Would definitely recommend her to anyone.
  • Alyssa C.
    I had been searching for an apartment for what seemed like forever and stumbled upon one of Zaya‘s listings. I didn’t get the first apartment I applied for, but she went out of her way to help me find something that actually suited me much better. I have to say, Zaya was the most honest and professional realtor I encountered over my long apartment search. She was quick to reply to all of my questions along the way and made the whole process an easy, stress free experience. I couldn’t be happier with my apartment and would absolutely recommend her to anyone that’s looking for a new home!
  • Andrea C.
    Our experience with VeryZaya was absolutely wonderful! We found a place we loved, met with Zaya to view it and put in our application the same day. She made the entire process easy, was super responsive, thorough, professional and just really a pleasure to work with! She followed up with us even after the lease was signed to do a final walk through and inspection to make sure everything was perfect. If you are planning on moving, I cannot recommend working with VeryZaya enough- thank you!!! =)
  • April H.
    Zaya was professional, friendly and prompt. She helped me get into a new apartment within days. She was great at documenting and coordinating any changes needed in the new apartment and was a great liaison between me and my new landlord. I look forward to working with her in the future.
  • Milos M.
    Zaya was punctual, thorough and always got back to me in a timely manner. The application process was super easy -just filled out a few forms and emailed them. I got a response fairly quickly as well and she even worked it out so I could move in a couple of days early. I would highly recommend working with her and checking out the listings on her website.
  • Trevor C.
    Zaya was extremely helpful throughout the apartment-finding process, and ran it smoothly at high speed! I highly recommend working with her.
  • John C.
    Zaya was amazing. She made the process and headache of apartment hunting extremely easy. She was communicative and attentive. After 2-days, I had keys in my hands. Excellent service and very kind!
  • Natalie R.
    I absolutely loved working with Zaya. She was very responsive, processed my paperwork quickly, and kept me in the loop the entire time. I scored the perfect apartment for me in 3 days with her help. I would highly recommend her to anyone. I couldn't be happier with my experience!
  • Stick W.
    Zaya was super helpful and got me and my gf in an apartment in re3cord time. She was incredibly communicative, flexible and helpful. I really cant thank her enough, and love our new place.
  • Chi W.
    Zaya listed our rental unit on the 16th of the month and we had a signed lease before the end of the month. The two week turnaround included the Thanksgiving holiday. Also, Zaya priced the asking monthly rent at 10% higher than another local leasing agent's estimate. She found quality tenants who love our property and are paying the asking rental price.
  • Gazelle D.
    I have just completed my first rental process and I am thrilled that it was Zaya. I had been hunting for an apartment for months and many other large relators I was working with were quite frankly dismissive and rude to my needs. Zaya was extremely patient and kind to me as well extremely responsive to make sure I was comfortable with my first purchase. I would absolutely recommend her to everyone ESPECIALLY first time home buyers/renters.
  • Whitmer T.
    Zaya was great with helping get our new place quickly and with ease. We are lucky to have had her help and we love our new home. She responded quickly to all emails, texts, and phone calls; and allowed us to look at the place multiple times before making our final decision. Thanks Zaya!
  • Evan T.
    Zaya is very helpful and friendly leasing agent. She is very professional, and always responds to questions in a timely manner. You can tell she is on top of her game. I am very satisfied working with her, and I love my new place.
  • Isaac B.
    Zaya was friendly, very easy to communicate with and made the process of locking in my new apartment as quick as possible. She continued to facilitate communication between me and the landlord until I was settled in, and was helpful in handling questions and issues that arose in the days following move in. Thanks Zaya!
  • Sarah H.
    Zaya was a breath of fresh air when looking for an apartment/house! She was timely and responsive and never left a question unanswered. We found our perfect living situation and it's thanks to her! Thanks Zaya!
  • Copper V.
    Zaya was super accommodating in helping us secure our lease and getting settled in our new space. Very friendly and responsive. :)
  • Adam C.
    Zaya was great to work with. We only had a short time in LA to find a place, since we were moving from Chicago. We primarily used Craigslist to scout for places, but I wish we had contacted Zaya in advance! The place she showed us in Highland Park is amazing and she helped us communicate with our landlord and ultimately to get us the place! Zaya was very friendly, professional and addressed all of our questions quickly. Highly recommend.
  • Jamie S.
    It was such a pleasure to work with Zaya. I recently rented my dream apartment in Los Feliz and she was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. She kept me informed on my application status, made the lease signing very simple and straight forward, did a very detailed move-in assessment with me, and even reached out to local landlords to see if I could rent a parking spot. I highly recommend working with Zaya!
  • Maria G.
    Zaya helped my roommate and I find the perfect apartment in Los Feliz! She walked us through the process and provided prompt responses to our emails, she is wonderful! Very clear and thorough with her work.
  • Li W.
    We found a 2 bdrm apartment in Los Feliz on Zillow and contacted Zaya. We inquired about a showing and met her there. She was very friendly and helpful in answering our questions. Later during the arrangements, we were surprised how timely and responsive she was to all of our follow up questions and change/clean requests, even though she was traveling in another timezone. The initial walkthrough was conducted with her agent who meticulously took photos (over 130) of everything in the apartment, which we eventually received after moving in. We made some clean/fix requests and they were all approved. We felt that Zaya was on our side 100% and really worked on our behalf to communicate with the owner. Really helpful, professional and awesome. Thanks Zaya!
  • Christine H.
    Zaya was very easy to work with and was very helpful during the rental application process. She answered any questions we had quickly and professionally. I'd highly recommend, and would definitely work with her again in the future!
  • Ben C.
    Zaya is great - very professional, communicative, and wonderful to deal with. I definitely recommend her to anyone searching for an apartment! Her website is very helpful and she keeps it up to date, unlike many other sites...
  • Max M.
    Zaya was incredibly helpful, knowledgable, and friendly. She made the whole process of finding a home seem so much more doable, and exciting. I am very happy we were lucky enough to get Zaya, and if we are looking in the future, I would seek her out to help us find a place before I look anywhere else!
  • Lex D.
    This review is long overdue! A few months ago I moved into my little dream rental home, thanks to Zaya. She was incredibly thorough and communicative. I truly appreciate all of her help!!
  • David.
    Renting through Zaya was one of the easiest and most pleasant experiences we had while searching LA for a new place. From seeing the property to processing the application to signing the lease, she was incredibly detailed and fast--a must-have in such a competitive apartment market. As a third party, she introduced us to our new landlord and made us feel super welcome, answering all of our questions and making sure every 'i' was dotted and 't' was crossed. If you need to find a place in Los Angeles and want to be confident about your choice, I would totally recommend Zaya.
  • Eric B.
    I don't usually leave reviews, but Zaya was just too good NOT to :) I am already looking for my next experience working with Zaya as I enjoyed the entire process. Zaya was extremely friendly, helpful, understanding, and she was very prompt. Zaya is A+++ and you will not regret working with her :)
  • Marlene R.
    Zaya has helped me find tenants on three different occasions. I am comfortable working with her because she is well versed on a broad range of housing regulations. In the last 3 years working with her, she has always delivered and even follows up months after a transaction. During periods of time when we are not working on a deal together, she is available to answer any of my questions. Love her.
  • Brian N.
    Finding an apartment in Los Angeles can be competitive and tough, and if you're new to the area, it can be full of doubts. Fortunately, working with Zaya, my fiance and I were able to find an amazing apartment in a great location in the most seamless fashion possible. Not only was Zaya extremely responsive and fast in her communication, but she was incredibly detailed and had all the information we needed to be confident in signing the lease. I really trust her expertise and her choice of properties/landlords and would absolutely recommend Very Zaya to anyone who wants to find a reasonably-priced, above-standard apartment in LA without having to jump through a ton of hoops. Her service is personable and on point, and after dealing with a ton of property mgmt/rental agents in the area, I am certain she is at the top of the game. Go with Zaya!!!
  • Caitlin L.
    Zaya was very kind and consistently helpful throughout our application process, and even after the fact. It was so nice to work with someone who was rooting for us to get the apartment. We really appreciated her thoroughness, and would definitely recommend her for your LA apartment hunting process!"
  • Alex R.
    Trying to find an apartment in Los Angeles was turning into a real drag. 20% of the landlords would not even reply to phone calls or messages through craigslist. A full month I was looking. I messaged her about an apartment listed and immediately got a reply when she would be showing it. I actually looked at two apartments she was showing and immediately like one of them. She was immediately responsive to all my inquiries after that, helped me get the apartment and was very helpful and friendly throughout dealing with the landlord. Had I not been accepted to this apartment I would have definitely worked with her directly to find the next. I highly recommend!
  • Abel G.
    Zaya was super helpful and a true professional. Her communication was outstanding and made for a pleasant and expedient process in getting into a new home. I would strongly recommend her services to anyone looking to rent or buy a new home.
  • Joan O.
    Zaya was super helpful! She was very timely and accommodating. She even took extra time to answer my questions about utility company and wifi options in the area.
  • Jessica M.
    Zaya was so helpful to us in our house hunt. We were interested in a specific house last year and she did everything possible to help us get it. Then when it became available this year she remembered us and was extremely helpful yet again and we were successful this time! She is great at what she does and super nice and professional. We'd recommend her to anyone!
  • Nauman N.
    If you're working with Zaya to find your next home, you're in luck! I was looking to move to LA for the first time, and found it quite daunting narrowing down to a neighborhood that suited me best. And then once you find a property that you like, there's this whole application process which could be a challenge sometimes. From the time I first got in touch with her until I moved in, she made sure that I found a place that I absolutely loved, made sure that the application was approved in a timely manner, and also helped through the whole transition of moving. I've found Zaya to be an honest, transparent and straight forward professional, and you want that in your realtor for one of your most significant decisions of the year. My advice: Go with her.
  • Cole H.
    Zaya is punctual, organized, and makes the process run incredibly smooth. The search for apartments can be a nightmare, especially when trying to communicate with realtors who don't respond to you. This wasn't the case with Zaya. We'd talk to more than six realtors in a given day, and she was the only one who you'd always get a response from within the hour. Even if the landlord decides to give a place to other tenants, Zaya will still keep you informed and updated about the process. This is extremely kind and important, as many realtors leave you in the dark and without an answer if you are no longer a candidate for the property.
  • Michael T.
    Zaya was amazing! I was able to see, apply, and move into my apartment in 72 hours. The only reason this was possible was because of Zaya's responsiveness. If you're looking for a real estate agent to take care of you, don't hesitate to contact Zaya.
  • Yoshi N.
    My roommates and I had a great experience applying and signing the lease for one of Zaya's listings! She is professional and responsive. Despite our fairly tight time-frame and the owner being out of town, she managed to keep the process moving for us so that we could be secure in our upcoming move.
  • Taylor T.
    After house hunting for a few weeks, I stumbled upon Zaya's real estate website. Lucky! Zaya was easy to get in touch with, and responded to all of my emails and texts promptly. She was very knowledgable, friendly, and helpful. Highly recommended!
  • Stella D.
    Zaya was great - it was my second time renting an apartment through her, and both times, the process was smooth and fast. Very professional and approachable, responds to texts/emails in a timely manner. Never felt pressured or hurried, would recommend her to friends!
  • Oscar T.
    Zaya was great to work with and making sure all the parties involved were satisfied. The apartment was accurately listed and represented online so didn't really have that many questions after my viewing. She asked for a lot of documentation which proved to me her business was legitimate and thorough.
  • Yael L.
    I had the pleasure to work with Zaya. What a pleasure it was!!! Zaya was thorough, professional, efficient, very easy to work with and she got the product, renting my property in Echo Park, in no time. I already decided that I will always work with Zaya!! In 4 days only she got me the sweetest tenants. How more pleased one can be?
  • Brian N.
    Zaya was very helpful with getting my girlfriend and I into our new apartment. She was very thorough with our background checks (this worked to our advantage), she was very professional, and she was just overall easy to deal with. I would definitely recommend Zaya to any property owners out there that need help renting their units. (She actually called ALL of my personal AND business references!)
  • Mavis Y.
    Zaya is one of the most helpful real estate agents I have ever met. She is always so responsive and thoughtful. Searching for an ideal apartment could be a daunting task. Thanks to Zaya's support and encouraging words, I was able to discover my dream apartment in Hollywood Hills. I definitely felt like a VIP client given how attentive, sweet and pro-active Zaya is. In addition to her wealth of knowledge about the current property market, as well as her strong connection with her existing client base, Zaya is always so poised with her communication and elegant in statue. I would highly recommend Zaya to all my friends and family.
  • Roslyn D.
    Zaya is an excellent realtor. She has the knowledge and the warm demeanor to help clients of all kinds. She was a huge help in securing my current rental property. Zaya was always available to communicate or answer questions and she was extremely efficient in handling correspondence and paperwork. I would highly recommend Zaya's services--especially if you're looking in the Los Feliz area as she's extremely familiar.
  • Temi A.
    Zaya rocks! Plain and simple. I believe that having Zaya as your leasing agent will maximize the income potential of your apartment, house, guest house or condo. Zaya has been the leasing agent for at least a dozen apartments for an apartment building, which our company managed in Echo Park. In that time, she was able to achieve the highest rents for the apartments that we ever recorded. The tenants that she brought in always paid their rent on time. Zaya also leased another single family residence in the Mt. Washington area for us and was able to find a short term tenant whose leasing needs were customized to the short amount of time that the property would be available for rent. Zaya's services, knowledge and expertise in the area of leasing have contributed greatly to the success of our business and we're really grateful for her work.
  • John L.
    Zaya was super helpful with my apartment search. I was down to the wire with only a few days to find a place and Zaya swooped in and saved me! From being quick to respond to emails/texts to her overall professional demeanor, anyone looking for a place in LA should definitely hit up Zaya!
  • Jinping L.
    When my husband and I were looking for a new home two years ago, Zaya's leasing ad caught our attention. After 3 meetings with her, we became one of her many loyal clients. We love the apartment and we love her! She is very professional as a realtor and warm and caring as a person, not to mention she is so damn good looking! I will highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for her/his new sweet home.
  • Chris S..
    Zaya is both a wonderful realtor and a wonderful person. She shepherded my wife and I through the process of renting our apartment with grace and thoughtfulness. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is in the market for a rental anywhere in Los Angeles.
  • Lourdes & Tim.
    You've made our lives easier by doing all the work you've done. We are lucky to know you. You are wonderful and easy to work with. Cheers!
  • Daniel M..
    Zaya was an absolute pleasure to work with! She is very patient and answers all your questions. She is very quick and professional. I highly recommend working with her!
  • Rye S.
    Amazing experience! Very professional, fast, friendly, looking out for your needs as a renter!
  • Mike M.
    We met quite a few realtors over the weeks and you were by far the most helpful and congenial, Zaya. Keep up the great work!
  • Tony D.
    From the far reaching mountains of Mongolia to the rough and tough streets of Los Angeles Zaya has blessed the city with her real estate talent and charm. Well balanced, she knows what matters and how to get it done, no matter how long it takes. She also know how to listen (rare) and knows what questions to ask. She helped us find a great group of tenants for our rental property in Mt. Washington and we are so happy with her service. Highly recommended!
  • Jessica J.
    Zaya was wonderful to work with. Detailed-oriented and professional, smart and knowledgeable, she made our move-in process painless and enjoyable. I would highly recommend her and hope we get the chance to work together again in the future.
  • Briana K.
    Through a lot of hard work and even more luck my husband and became the owners of a rental property. We had no idea how to market it, show it our even price it so through a referral we contacted Zaya. She came and did a consult with us and we knew instantly we needed her on our team. She took care of every aspect of renting our home from start to finish from applications, credit checks, move in inspections, lease signing, etc and was always available for advice and guidance, even long after the home had been rented. Thanks Zaya for all your hard work and dedication, I hope to work with you again soon... hopefully not too soon :)
  • Sara P.
    Zaya was incredibly helpful, efficient, and a pleasure to work with in securing our rental and coordinating between us and the landlords. When viewing the house, she was prompt and showed us around the property in a way that already made us feel connected with the space and at home. She was knowledgeable about the specific property and history as well the surrounding area. Zaya is a very effective communicator and made the process very easy for all parties involved. I would highly recommend her!!